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Everyone knows that there is no longer a “Free Press” in America Today. All of the major sources of news are just powerful corporations that have one goal in mind, making money. These corporations own a monopoly on the flow of news and information.   

“Freedom of the Press” was intended to be a counterbalance to the powerful elite’s ability to control the masses with propaganda. The American people should have a right to reliable information so that they can make informed decisions. Instead, the entire journalistic framework seems to have been corrupted by the same powerful elite it was meant to keep in check. So, what do “We the People” do about it?

The mission of Hawaii Free Media is to provide truly independent journalism not tainted by special interests or corporate greed and to empower everyday citizens to change and shape the future.

Why Hawaii? For many, Hawaii was ground zero during the Covid-19 lockdowns 0f 2020-2022. An experiment controlled by the powerful elite to test some of the harshest lockdowns in the nation’s history. Many people were threatened with losing their jobs if they didn’t “comply” with mandated “vaccines”. Children were forced to wear masks for prolonged periods at school causing respiratory issues as well as irreversible damage to their cognitive development. The creation of a health pass restricted business’s to only allow “vaccinated” people to enter. Television commercials, social media ads, and radio spots were completely saturated with Orwellian propaganda repeating the message that all of this was normal. When in fact, all of this was illegal. But it happened right here in America.

Hawaii Free Media was formed as a collaborative effort by independent journalists who realize the need to pursue truth, justice, and accountability for the American people, regardless of any consequence.

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