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Dr. Robert Malone: “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Oct 18, 2021 | Featured, Trending, Video

On Saturday October 16, 2021 protesters with the group Mandate Free Maui gathered near the War Memorial Stadium in Wailuku, Maui to unite the vaccinated and unvaccinated for medical freedom of choice. The purpose of the protest was to demand no vaccine passports, to end all vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions and to unite in solidarity with government employees, police, firefighters, frontline workers, teachers, keiki and all others who are faced with vaccine mandates.

The large event drew several thousand individuals who gathered at Keopuolani Skate Park to hear Dr. Richard Urso – AFLD Science Liaison and Ophthamologist, and Dr. Ryan Cole – AFLD and Pathologist. Steve Kirsch, an MIT graduate and Engineer, spoke out about vaccine education.

Honolulu “whistleblower” – Abrien Aguirre, a now unemployed occupational therapist, addressed the group. A surprise speaker, family nurse practitioner – Kimberley Kopetseg, also from Honolulu, was next to take the stage and share what she had seen on Honolulu’s frontlines.

The key note speaker for the day was Dr. Robert Malone. He acknowledged the work of the Pono Coalition for Informed Consent
and the attacks on Dr. Lorrin Pang and Dr. Kirk Milhoan by people with no medical credentials and the merciless media. He addressed the fact that “coercion” to take an experimental product is illegal. He referenced the Nuremberg trials. He confirmed there are no licensed vaccines for COVID in the United States. He introduced the Maui Plan: 1) Access to early treatment 2) Physicians have to be allowed to practice medicine (not politicians or the media) and 3) Do not vaccinate the children!

As Dr. Malone left the stage he exclaimed “Let’s go Brandon huh!” The crowd went wild and broke into the, now familiar, chant.

The multitude then proceeded down Ka’ahumanu Avenue, led by local Hawaiians and keiki, on the sidewalk to the lawn in front of the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center.

Music provided on the lawn brought a party atmosphere as the day was brought to a close. Mauian’s were blessed by the national, independent recording artist/songwriter, Jimmy Levy as he shared his number one billboard chart singles: “This is a War” and “Matrix”. Many sang along as the Sons of Yeshua, a Hawaiian and reggae band, from Oahu, also entertained the crowd gathered at the park.

Many stayed for several more hours to wave signs, listen to the musical entertainment, visit with the speakers and enjoy free food.

Full speech here.

About the writer

Leslie Sharp

Leslie Sharp

Leslie Sharp graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1979 after studying accounting and business management. After the strain of her son’s long-term illness, she found herself overweight by 120 pounds. At that point, she shifted her focus to fitness training, studying health and wellness from Thomas Edison State. On Jan. 1, 2006, she moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, and achieved her dream of purchasing and operating a Curves franchise. In 2015, she obtained a national health coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Today, she works at OsteoStrong as a Session Technician where she uses all of her new skills to coach her senior members. During the tainted blood crisis, Sharp served as a board member of the Hepatitis C Society of Canada and was a vocal advocate for the billion-dollar compensation package for its victims. She gave numerous newspaper, television and radio interviews about the crisis and its fallout, and wrote articles that appeared in the Penticton Herald, the Pony Express Magazine and the Canadian Journal of Public Health.

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